Emoto Water Crystals

Japanese Masaru Emoto in his experiments showed that the water takes different crystalline forms after freezing. Fetched water samples, then iced it and then put under a microscope and photographed them in a frozen state, when the water took different crystalline forms. It turned out that the shape of the crystalline forms depend on several factors.

Firstly, it depends on the sampling water location. If claims about the "harmony of the spheres" are true and indeed the world based on sounds (symphony of creation), is obtained in the form of crystalline water freezing should be somehow harmonious. And indeed it is! It turns out that the crystalline forms of water taken from ecologically clean areas are characterized by harmonious shapes. In contrast, water crystals, which in one way or another been contaminated lose their regular, harmonious shapes.

Secondly, it appears that a person can change the structure of water emitted by the thoughts themselves. Generally there is here a rule: the water passed positive thoughts create harmonious crystal forms, and negative thoughts create a chaotic patterns ... Could our thoughts were sounds (emitted sounds?) Only that these sounds are outside the hearing range of the human ear?