Dermorestorative power of vitamin U

Remarkable healing properties of vitamin U were already used when no one else knew of its existence. Contained in the leaves of cabbage has been widely used in folk medicine. Needed was almost 50 years of research to develop a her character who check in pharmacology and medicine. In the twenty-first century vitamin U revolutionized the cosmetology!

Natural supporting the treatment of tumors - Vitamin B17

The nutritional value of the products at once becomes poorer and certain vitamins which once constituted the main part of the diet, today it does not exist at all. One of these vitamins is vitamin B17, which according to research carried out by every once larger numbers of prominent and respected physicians in the world, can be used to destroy cancer cells.

Sacred geometry in cosmetics

Golden ratio is often used in aesthetic, proportionate architectural compositions, paintings, photographs, etc. He was known in antiquity, and attributed his unique aesthetic. It was used eg. In the plans of buildings on the Acropolis.

Emoto Water Crystals

Japanese Masaru Emoto in his experiments showed that the water takes different crystalline forms after freezing. Fetched water samples, then iced it and then put under a microscope and photographed them in a frozen state, when the water took different crystalline forms. It turned out that the shape of the crystalline forms depend on several factors.