Capacity: 115g
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Promote healthy heart beat
Moderate growth rate of atherosclerotic plaque
Naturally balance triglycerides, an important heart health marker.

The American Heart Association recommends that you take 1000mg of Omega-3 everyday


Joint Care. Omega-3 is a powerful anti-inflammatory for your joints. Omega-3:

- Reduces joint discomfort

- Reduces morning stiffness

- Helps reduces the amount of paintkillers needed

- Reduces enzymes the destroy cartilage

- Increases grip strength

- Enhances walking pace


Brain Health. More than half the fats in the brain is Omega-3 DHA. And the lining of the nerve cells in the brain is lined with Omega-3. So, brain performance & function (cognition) is strongly influenced levels of Omega-3 helps:

- Enhance memory

- Increase overall cognition

- Menage age-related brain decline

Mood. EPA omega-3 is crucial in maintaining mood health. In several studies, EPA has been found to be as effective as prescription anti-depressants.