Our company

We help everyone to recover the natural beauty and health, and free from the effects of the devastating impact overcrowded with chemistry: environment, cosmetics and food.

At Botanique we cultivate family values and traditions. Our ancestors have always appreciated the strength and richness of nature in maintaining health and beauty; gathered herbs and manufactured healthy tinctures, as well as evinced interest in ancestral forms of treatment, known for centuries in the Far East.

We simply accept this "heritage", but we go a few steps further enriching them with the latest advances in many fields:

  • phytotherapy,
  • quantum phisics,
  • molecular biology,
  • organic chemistry,
as well as other fields of science often not recognized even by the official scientific world - but proven and highly effective in action.

Botanique company idea was born four years ago, as a response to the growing interest in natural products, free from the so-called "chemical" preservatives and harmful heavy metals.

The deepening of intoxication environment and our food, which contains an increasing number of heavy metals and preservatives, is the cause of the rising tide of allergies and civilization diseases.

Traditional medicine is becoming increasingly helpless; Doctors are unable to explain the reasons for more and more diseases - and yet they try to treat them with usual medications. Unfortunately, with less and less efficiency. Public opinion slowly reaches important information on the disappearing efficiency of antibiotics, being the only remedy in cases of severe diseases.


Our mission is primarily education. We want to show the world an alternative natural health and uncontaminated beauty. It's time to get back to the nature, which firstly does not harm, secondly, restores every human lost health power and natural beauty.

We collaborate with modern laboratories around the world, as well as with exceptional people with open minds who specialises in many fields - herbal medicine, quantum physics, biology, chemistry and other scientific fields often not recognized by today's official scientific world.

BOTANIQUE project is international in nature. Its purpose is to propose a modern man, who lives in the twenty-first century, a holistic approach to their life and loved ones. Areas where we want to focus mainly include: health and beauty - in a word, a healthy lifestyle.

The project is dedicated to innovative lines of organic cosmetics, dietary supplements and other products that help people in general. In addition, we would like to share a wide range of information and knowledge about all aspects of health and beauty products in the context of health knowledge base.

BOTANIQUE project is a place where you will be able to look at the world around us from a different perspective. We do not want to indicate how to live, and we want to deliver high quality products and knowledge, based on which everyone can take their autonomous decisions because we believe that this is the best solution - do not impose anything to anyone. Each of us takes a full responsibility for their life and the lives of their loved ones.

We invite you to the WORLD OF KNOWLEDGE.